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Bioresonant clothing seeks to exploit an astonishing new theory in bio-physics: that the information exchange in human consciousness can be directly influenced and enhanced by vibrations of Light, that we call colors. Isn't color stimulation safer for us than the water we drink?

Since 1997, in an effort to establish, confirm and optimize benefits of wearing Bioresonant clothing we have measured human bio-energy state using the electro-photonic technique of GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation), also known as bio-electrography, developed by distinguished bio-physicist Prof Korotkov at St Petersburg Tech University. By using this technique it seems possible to quantify whether a person is stressed, tired and determine bio-energetic electro-photonic performance of the body and mind. 

In brief, stress and other negative factors seem to disrupt the uniformity, coherence and the magnitude of the human electro-photonic glow measured with bio-electrography. Bioresonant color stimulation seems to do exactly the opposite...

Years of observations and feedback from people who wear Bioresonant clothing seem to support results of our electro-photonic measurements.

Wouldn't you like to find out what effect the Bioresonant color stimulation may have on you? Many people on all continents already enjoy Bioresonant technology. Have a look at what some of them say. By the way, do you know WHY widows wear black?

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