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In the history of Science, developing of a new instrument has always resulted in new understanding of Reality. Microscope, telescope, X-rays, camera, laser, computer - without these instruments the modern science is powerless. Recently a new instrument came to being - a solid state computerised Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) camera for bio-electrography.

Internationally distinguished biophysicist, Prof Konstantin Korotkov from St. Petersburg Tech University in Russia studied the information aspect of stimulated electro-photonic emissions around the human body and other objects for more than two decades. He found, that in order to be able to extract reliable and repeatable information from the recorded electro-photonic glow it was necessary to optimise the apparatus.

In particular it was necessary to minimise the influence of the ambient temperature and humidity, use a semiconductor camera rather than a photographic process for recording images and optimise parameters of the process of stimulation of electro-photonic emissions. In 1996 Prof Korotkov developed a range of instruments for stimulation, recording and processing of electro-photonic images and called his technique Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV).
kirlian image
GDV of a human fingertip

Prof Korotkov confirmed earlier observations of other researchers, such as Dr Mandel from Germany and Prof Milhomens in Brazil, that the stimulated electro-photonic glow around human fingertips contained astonishingly coherent and comprehensive information about the human state - both physiological and psychological.

Even though the pattern recognition methodology of the electro-photonic glow is still at an early stage of development, extensive clinical trials conducted across Russia since 1997 demonstrated that the correlation between the GDV and conventional diagnostic techniques can be as high as 98%. Following clinical trials and the recommendation of The Russian Academy of Science the GDV technique and equipment have been approved in 1999 by health authorities in Russia for general clinical use without limitations. Today GDV systems of Prof Korotkov are in use in some 20 countries.

The GDV diagnostic system of Prof Korotkov is based on stimulating and recording 40 ms of the electro-photonic glow around all ten fingertips, one at a time. Using clinically verified charts and methods developed by Prof Korotkov it seems possible to determine, not only what happens in the human body, but also where it happens – by examining specific sectors of the electro-photonic glow.

According to another bio-physicist, Dr Chiang Kanzhen, who experimented with high frequency electro-magnetic emissions of living organisms, it seems that under certain conditions, the information present in the electromagnetic vibration pattern of one living organism can be transmitted to cause physical changes in another living organism.

The above seems to suggest that our Consciousness may be holographically encoded in the electro-photonic interference pattern of Light that surrounds every cell of our body. Recent discoveries in physics of consciousness seem to confirm this.

Is it possible to enhance our feelings of well being by directly interacting with this Light? Perhaps. Development of effective, practical and safe methods of enhancing the human state is the main focus of research at Bioresonant®.

Effect of black clothing
In an effort to test the suitability of the electro-photonic technique of GDV for observing human response to color stimulation we sought to establish the effects of black clothing for the human state using bio-electrography. The figure on the right shows an example of the effect of wearing a black shirt on the skin for just 2 minutes. Immediate and significant weakening of the electro-photonic glow seems obvious.

According to principles of electro-photonic image interpretation developed by Prof Korotkov in Russia, Dr Mandel in Germany and Prof Milhomens in Brazil, wearing black clothes seems to induce an effect that is similar to the effect of stress, depression, sadness or lack of energy. The next time you meet a person who seems depressed, sad or has a suicidal thoughts - have a good look what he/she typically wears...

The goal of research at Bioresonant is to find methods of spectral stimulation that cause significant, repeatable, systematic and coherent improvements to the human electro-photonic glow as measured by bio-electrography.

From our tests it seems that:
1. Near-monochromatic colours seem to have the strongest positive effect on human electro-photonic glow
2. A CHANGE of wavelengths seems to be more effective than any particular wavelength
3. The most effective seem to be certain harmonious multi-wavelength interference patterns that contain near-monochromatic reflectors in a wide range of wavelengths – from near infrared to UV.
4. Interference patterns that match the main meridian (chakra) frequencies along the human body seem to produce the most repeatable, systematic and coherent results.

To meet all of the above criteria simultaneously – multi-wavelength interference patterns were designed and printed on pure cotton fabric. 32-band spectro-photometer was used to select pigments that produced the best possible near-monochromatic reflectors at specific wavelengths – directly on the fabric. The fabric was then used to make clothing with a specific spectral distribution that matched the locations of all main meridians. Many prototypes and 4 generations of experimental prints were developed and tested. The figure below presents a typical response of a tired person to a 4-th generation bio-resonant pattern - measured by bio-electrography. The particular test reported here has been performed in public, during Dr Chalko public lecture in St Kilda Library, Melbourne, Australia. Care was taken to eliminate any other influences on the person during the test. According to bio-electrographic measurements, human electro-photonic bio-energy field seems to have tendency to become more harmonious, more coherent when stimulated by certain colour patterns. The positive effect seems to accumulate with time.

The effect of the coherent positive change in human bio-energy field in response to tuned multi-wavelength colour stimulation as measured by bio-electrography (GDV system) was called "bio-resonance".

Studies of ancient civilizations show that traditions of making and wearing vividly colorful contrasting patterns seemed to play an important part in their life. This tradition seems to continue in folklore... Research at Bioresonant reveals that what seems just a tradition could have in the ancient past an important reason, related to the very basis of human existence. Can our science discover and improve principles that ancient civilizations already knew and practiced? Pyramids are not the only ancient mystery...

We think that our studies of the mechanism of color stimulation point to the direct interaction of the tuned color interference patterns with the information in our consciousness – information that seems encoded in the electromagnetic pattern of Light that surrounds us.

© Dr. Tom Chalko. 1997-2013