Frequently asked questions

What is Bioresonant?
Bioresonant® is a scientifically developed method of color stimulation. Results of measurements of human bio-energy field using electro-photonic method of bio-electrography seem to indicate that such a stimulation can initiate positive and systematic improvements to human state.

How does it work?
Color is the key. Colors (wavelengths of Light) are tuned and matched specifically to achieve the best possible contrast as perceived by human senses. Harmonious compositions of such contrasts (Bioresonant® patterns) seem to induce systematic positive changes to human electro-photonic bio-energy field.

What does it do?
Bioresonant® color patterns interacts with "free" electrons that surround our bodies and provide a "tuned" high frequency color massage that gently stimulates our body and mind. There is no power supply, other than the body heat and the associated radiation that human body emits naturally.

How do bioresonant shirts work?

In bio-resonant garments, vibrations of light (colors) are scientifically tuned and combined in an effort to resonate with electrons that surround our bodies. Multi-color patterns worn directly on skin seem to cause considerable stimulation and coherent improvement of human state, as measured by bio-electrography, which is the phenomenon that Dr. Chalko calls "bio-resonance".

What is the main effect of wearing Bioresonant shirt?
According to electro-photonic measurements, our bodies seem to function more coherently and more harmoniously, when systematically assisted by a correct color stimulation. You are welcome to try out how it actually feels.

What about wearing black?
Electro-photonic measurements seem to suggest that wearing black creates weakening and fragmenting of our electro-photonic bio-energy field. In view of the evidence collected by Dr. Chalko using bio-electrography, wearing and promoting black clothes seems to be an act against human Nature and well being. The best effect of black clothing seems to be taking it off or alternating it with clothing of other colors every few minutes.

Do I need to look at my shirt to achieve effect?
Electro-photonic measurements seem to suggest, that the most significant, and the most effective is what we wear directly on our skin. Worn on the skin, bio-resonant clothing seems to provide a continuous "color acupuncture" to our body. Since "spectral mirrors" on bio-resonant fabric interact directly with electrons surrounding our body, they work equally efficiently during the day, night, or even when people are blindfolded.

Give me one reason to buy a Bioresonant® Shirt
Consider helping yourself using color stimulation. From Dr. Chalko's research, it seems that we can improve our state of well being by choosing an appropriate color stimulation. The more gloomy, grey and depressing our environment is, the more important is the compensation achieved by wearing bio-resonant clothes next to our skin.

Why are bioresonant t-shirts so expensive?
They are hand-made in Mt Best, Australia. No children in Asia are exploited to make bioresonant t-shirts. If you find a method to manufacture bioresonant fabric and t-shirts any cheaper without exploiting children in Asia, please let us know. We tried to approach some factories with our requirements and the first question we heard was "Sir, do you have too much money?"

Bio-resonant garment contains ALL colors. Would wearing WHITE also work?
Our research seems to suggest that the most stimulating is a distinct CHANGE of well-defined light frequencies. Not only is white a chaotic mix of frequencies, but our body and mind quickly get used to it. When we get used to something - it doesn't stimulate us at all. Our perception works on contrast. White by itself provides none. Results of some independent University studies seem to indicate that the best thing to do with white (and also black) garments is to take them OFF or alter them every few minutes.

What is the "strongest" acting color?
It seems that colors that have a significant positive effect are "clean" rainbow colors. Nothing murky or muddy. Scientifically, such clean colors are called monochromatic. Our tests seem to suggest that no color is essentially better than any other. What seems the most effective is a CHANGE of colors next to our skin. This is why bio-resonant garment contains particularly arranged mix of colors.

What is the bioresonant fabric made of?
We use Australian cotton for our t shirts.

How long does the positive effect of the shirt last?
The positive effect seems to continue for some time after the bioresonant shirt is taken off, although we are not yet sure for how long. Do you know anyone who knows for how long does the effect of an acupuncture treatment last? We recommend wearing Bioresonant® Shirt regularly.

Can I wear the shirt inside out?
Of course. Some people noticed an increased effect, when they placed intensive colors inside. Experiment with your shirt.

The shirt is SO colorful. How do I wash it so that all colors remain vivid?
Washing in non-bleaching delicate detergent and in cold/warm water is recommended. For best results wash your shirt inside out.