Bioresonant Tshirt

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To assist yourself in feeling better, joyful, more energetic - you can try to surround yourself with clean, joyful colors. You can go to Hawaii or Bahamas to experience the difference. Or you can try out our Bioresonant t-shirt.

T-shirt - Comfort fit
SizePerson's chest
(suggested fit)
T-shirt at chest
Girls/Ladies slim fit stretching T-shirt
SizeT-shirt at chest
8~8o cm = 31.5"
10~87 cm = 34.2"
12~94 cm = 37"
14~100 cm = 39.3"

A good way to select the size is to use your favorite t-shirt, put it flat, measure its size at chest and compare your measurement with our sizes.


Bioresonant patterns implement scientifically optimized color stimulation that positively influence our mood and conscious abilities.

Light absorbed and re-emitted by bioresonant patterns directly interacts with free electrons that surround our body and makes their electro-photonic activity more harmonious.

Our t shirts are made at Mt Best Australia from Australian cotton.

Our sewing machines are powered off-grid by 100% renewable energy from Sun and wind.

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