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Bioresonant Tshirt


To assist yourself in feeling better, joyful, more energetic - you can try to surround yourself with clean, joyful colors. You can go to Hawaii or Bahamas to experience the difference. Or you can try out our Bioresonant t-shirt.

T-shirt - Comfort fit
Size Person's chest
(suggested fit)
T-shirt at chest
XS 75-80cm/30-32" 100cm/40"
S 80-85cm/32-34" 106cm/42"
M 90-100cm/36-40" 116cm/46"
L 100-105cm/40-42" 120cm/48"
XL 105-110cm/42-44" 126cm/50"
XX 110-120cm/44-48" 132cm/52"
Girls/Ladies slim fit stretching T-shirt
Size T-shirt at chest
8 ~8o cm = 31.5"
10 ~87 cm = 34.2"
12 ~94 cm = 37"
14 ~100 cm = 39.3"


Bioresonant patterns implement scientifically optimized color stimulation that positively influence our mood and conscious abilities.

Light absorbed and re-emitted by bioresonant patterns directly interacts with free electrons that surround our body and makes their electro-photonic activity more harmonious.

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