Why colors?


It is well known that colors can greatly influence our psycho-emotional state. Have you ever tried to "amplify" your moods by choosing the color of your surroundings?

For example if you want to "amplify" feelings of depression, stress, tension, hopelessness etc.. - you can try to wear black, gray, brown or other murky colors. The effect of murky colors on your mood (subconscious mind) seems to be similar in essence to the perpetual sight of a thoroughly gray sky. Some people report that when they are surrounded with murky colors, they need significant effort to overcome all negative feelings that may come to their mind. What about you?

To assist yourself in feeling better, joyful, more energetic - you can try to surround yourself with clean, joyful colors. You can go to Hawaii, Bahamas, or Gold Coast in Australia to experience the difference. Or you can try to learn to use colors that surround you.

Reconstruction of human bio-energy field from Kirlian glow of 10 fingertips
using the method of Korotkov.

Years of research at Bioresonant seem to suggest that colors worn directly on our skin may have potentially significant effects on our psycho-emotional state. This observation is based on direct measurements of human state using bio-electrography.

From our tests it seems that in an effort to achieve the positive color stimulation, it is best to:

  • Use pure "rainbow like" (near-monochromatic) colors
  • Achieve a certain balance/harmony between all colors from IR to UV
  • Create interference patterns between specific wavelengths of light

Accomplishing all of the above requirements simultaneously is not easy. For this reason, we created special, scientifically developed fabrics and designed clothes that can be worn every day. Our aim is to design wearable harmonious compositions of colours that can "RESONATE" with your body and mind much like a good music can. Is it possible? We invite you to discover the difference yourself.