Bioresonant story

Bioresonant® is a trading name and a Trademark of Scientific Engineering Research Pty Ltd, a scientific research company established by Dr Tom Chalko in 1990.

In 1995, after recovering from an "incurable" disease and writing a book about it, Dr Chalko has decided to dedicate his life to developing technologies that benefit humanity and cannot be misused against it in any way.

It had always intrigued him that harmonious acoustical vibrations (music) had much stronger influence on his mood and well being than did visual art.

Why? Everyone knows that music has to be composed from perfectly tuned frequencies of sound. One "off key" note immediately spoils the entire composition, and makes the music annoying rather than pleasing.

How about "colors" in visual art and fashion? Spectral analysis analysis reveals that the frequencies (wavelengths) of "colors" that we use around us are not tuned at all. On the contrary - color photos, prints, TV, computer images etc. compose "colors" from just 3 pigments (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow for printing and Red Green Blue for TV and computers).

Isn't it like trying to compose music using only 3 notes?

In 1996, inspired by Thiaoouba Prophecy book, that describes many sciences lost on Earth thousands of years ago, Dr Chalko initiated a project to develop methods to create harmonious "Symphonies of Light" that are as positively stimulating as our favorite music. With the invaluable assistance of Bo Szawlowska, he started to investigate the human perception of light & color. He also searched for the most effective ways to measure subtle changes to the human state induced by various color stimulation. In 1997, after meeting Prof Korotkov - a distinguished physicist and bio-physicist from St Petersburg Tech University in Russia, he adopted electro-photonics as a measuring tool for his experiments.

Research led to the discovery of a specific way of spectral-tuned color stimulation that seems to produce almost instantaneous improvement to the human electro-photonic glow. In order to make his discovery available to any person on the planet - Dr Chalko developed "portable bio-resonators" - and called them bioresonant garments.

Production of the first generation of bioresonant T-shirts started in January 1997. The Bioresonant® Trademark and trading name were registered in 1998. Production of the second generation started in November 1997, followed by the third in April 1998 and fourth in December 1998. Currently 6-th generation patterned fabric is used. Research and development continues...

The first 4 generations of Bioresonant patterns

Dr Chalko shows the first 4 generations of Bioresonant® patterns in 2004

Bioresonant® today

Bioresonant garments have gained worldwide acceptance and are instantly recognizable. People on all continents except Antarctica enjoy wearing them. Independent University research projects seem to confirm the bioresonant effect.

Bioresonant pattern and tshirt
effect of bioresonant color stimulation

Mysteries from the past

Studies of ancient civilizations show that traditions of making and wearing maximally colorful garments played an important part in their lives. According to Dr Chalko’s research, what seems just a tradition could have in the ancient past an important reason, related to the very basis of human existence. Will our 21st century fashion become a scientific improvement of principles that ancient civilizations already knew and practiced?

"Experiment with your bio-resonant Shirt - and discover the difference yourself" says Dr Chalko.