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Why does this fashion designer have a PhD in Physics?

Future fashions may not be dictated by trends set in Milan, Paris and New York, but by technology developed in Melbourne.

That’s the view of Melbourne scientist and fashion designer, Dr Tom Chalko, PhD, who insists that we can greatly improve our bio-energy and achieve a sense of well-being more efficiently by wearing scientifically designed multi-colored garments.

Trained in Laser Holography, optics and engineering sciences, Dr Chalko has spent several years conducting advanced research with spectro-photometry and bio-electrography to develop stunningly colorful "bio-resonant" garments. This scientifically challenging development is likely to influence the fashion industry worldwide.

In bio-resonant garments, vibrations of light (colors) are scientifically tuned and combined in an effort to resonate with particular electro-photonic bio-emissions of the human body. This seems to cause considerable amplification of our bio-energy as measured by bio-electrography, which is the phenomenon that Dr. Chalko calls "bio-resonance".

Even though Dr Chalko has never participated in any formal fashion show with his garments, many enlightened people on all continents already enjoy 4 generations of bio-resonant clothes, thanks to his Internet presence.

According to bio-electrographic measurements, our bodies seem to "glow", assisted by correct color stimulation. "You need to wear a Bioresonant garment to feel what it actually means" says Dr Chalko.

In contrast, bio-electrography measurements seem to suggest that wearing black creates weakening and fragmenting of our electro-photonic bio-energy field. In view of the evidence collected by Dr. Chalko, wearing and promoting black clothes seems to be an act against human Nature and well being.

"It seems that the most significant, and the most effective is what we wear directly on our skin. Worn on the skin, bio-resonant clothing provides a continuous 'colour acupuncture' to our body. Since 'spectral mirrors' on bio-resonant fabric interact directly with our body, they work equally efficiently during the day, night, or even when people are blindfolded" Dr Chalko explained.

"Studies of ancient civilisations show that traditions of making and wearing extremely colourful garments played an extremely important part in their life. What seems just a tradition could have in the ancient past an important reason, related to the very basis of human existence..." he added.

It is important to note that reported user experiences, a selection of which is online, cannot be dismissed as mere "anecdotes" because modern technology enables these subjective sensations to be confirmed by scientific measurements such as bio-electrography, which seems capable of visualising the actual electro-photonic energy fields surrounding all living things.

Bio-electrograms of one fingertip recorded using CrownTV. Test performed on a skeptical journalist from Australian national TV Ch 7 on 10 February 1999 in front of TV cameras

in a black dress

in Chakra Shirt 5 minutes later

To accomplish an equivalent change in 5 minutes a person needs to enter a state of orgasm or be a yogi who meditates 3 hours a day and has complete conscious control of every function of his/her body. Bioresonant® Chakra Shirt seems to direct our body and mind in the right direction FAST...

"My research seems to suggest that we can greatly improve our state of well being by choosing appropriate color stimulation. The more gloomy, grey and depressing our environment is, the more important could be the compensation achieved by wearing bio-resonant clothes next to our skin" said Dr. Chalko.

Discovery of bio-resonance and color stimulation may sooner or later influence almost everyone on Earth because they define new principles of bio-resonant fashion, based on the new science of bio-energy and electro-photonics. Such a fashion may never be out of date, because it aims to bring us closer to harmony with our own Nature and to assist us in being happier, healthier and more energetic.

Will our 21-st century fashion become a scientific improvement of principles that ancient civilizations already knew and practiced?

"Pyramids are not the only ancient mystery" says Dr Chalko.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr Tom J. Chalko
945 Gunyah Rd
Mt Best, Vic 3960, Australia
E-mail: feelit@bioresonant.com
phone: (+61 3) 5681 6361 (Australia)
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