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In this book Dr Chalko explains why following the established dietary paradigms about “calories” and “balanced diet”, while disregarding limitations of the individual metabolism, leads to obesity, allergies and other chronic health conditions becoming so frequent in our society even among children and health practitioners. Learn how to optimize your diet to match your individual metabolism.



Mt Best Cookbook is the world’s first cookbook that

  • Recognizes and addresses the clinically verified fact that our metabolism is as individual as our fingerprints.
  • Explicitly considers human organism as a system of limited resources.
  • Describes systematic, verifiable and self-correcting method to improve the efficiency of our metabolism in a gradual process that is thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Contains self-help methods to detect specific food ingredients that are incompatible with our individual metabolism and hence should be avoided.
  • Discusses and describes methods to eliminate cravings and detect food addictions.
  • Considers the role of Consciousness in our metabolism.

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